Passenger Pigeon Press offers services in printed matter for all of your special occasions.   We solely work in a personalized manner where we will converse with you about your project before anything gets started.   Then, we will come up with a unique concept, a plan and timeline, and source materials specifically for you.  Your business with us supports Martha’s Quarterly and our artist collaborations— it pays for our materials and craftsmanship in all manners:  writing, cutting, folding, printing, designing.  We believe in the urgency or our creative content, and we appreciate your support by working with us. 
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Ground Floor Gallery 4th Anniversary 

3-color polymer letterpress print on paper

Custom edition to celebrate the 4th Anniversay of Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.   


Madeline and Logan

Wedding invitations

Inspired by "mod", peonies, and a warm pink-orange palette, this invitation is a fun vovelle that reveals information as it is spun.  


Twin Suede

Twin blue and green suede books with a black leather slip case

Custom binding for personal photographs. 


a path to a mirrored room

Leather drum-leaf book with cloth and leather slipcase

Custom binding for personal drawings and collages.  


and Jeff

Wedding Invitation

Inspired by wildflowers, this invitation mimics a bouquet of flowers when closed.  Then, when it is expanded, the bouquet becomes a field.  The information is all displayed at once and a separate RSVP envelope rests inside the accordion fold.   

The text was letter-pressed and the design was drawn by hand and then cut on a stencil cutter. 


Jane and Jesse

Wedding Invitation

This wedding look was spontaneous and funky.   We were given a palette of fuchsia and various tones of pink, purple, and red.  The bride and groom also wanted to feature an eclectic combination of textures and shapes.  As a response, we created a card that evoked an art-deco inspired stage, where every moment of receiving information was like a surprise.   

The text and exterior fan-design was letter-pressed, the inside flower was hand-cut, and the “JJ” initials were hot-stamped.  


Didier and Justin

Wedding Invitation

This invite tells a story of two singular black calla lilies that merge into one branch of two flowers.  Then, by the time you open the entire invite, another flower is revealed.  The RSVP is tucked into a pocket inside the entire folded sheet.  

All printed content for this invite was letter-pressed, and the black flower was hand-cut.