Passenger Pigeon Press is a an independent press started by artist Tammy Nguyen.  We aim to address geopolitics, science, and identity through visual art and writing.  We house Martha’s Quarterly, Collaborations, Public Domain, and custom projects.   

Martha’s Quarterly is a quarterly subscription of four handmade artist books a year.  Every season, subscribers will receive a new artist book that may take the form of an object, an experimental binding, or a simply beautiful hand-bound book.   Martha’s Quarterly aims to present urgent topics that are not always covered by mainstream media or widely archived by cultural institutions.  As every person has a library of their own belongings, every issue seeks to exist in the reader’s catalog of possessions as something that might be read through once, revisited again, and reflected upon as a messenger of critical subjects.  

We collaborate with artists working in all disciplines who pursue paths that are not popularized by the mainstream.  We are interested in artists whose work deals with politics, forgotten histories, and nuance.  

Public Domain is an ongoing project where we explore public archives from around the world and reproduce government documents that are relevant to today's urgent issues.   

Finally, Passenger Pigeon Press offers services in printed matter for all of your special occasions.   We solely work in a personalized manner where we will converse with you about your project before anything gets started.  Your business with us supports Martha’s Quarterly and our artist collaborations— it pays for our materials and craftsmanship in all manners:  writing, cutting, folding, printing, designing.  We believe in the urgency or our creative content, and we appreciate your support by working with us.   

Contact us at anytime from anywhere:  fly@passengerpigeonpress.com